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Fight this summer with Tangy Kaccha Aam..🍹🌞

Hi, during boring period of lockdown, I used to stay in home almost all the time… Evening usually I went to nearby market to buy daily groceries.. And after 7 o’clock Me, wife and our son usually walk in our balcony… There is a old Mango tree near our flat, yesterday our guard gave us almost more than a killo of raw mangos…

A mango tree near my flat..

…we decided to good use of these raw Mangos. We prepared kaccha aam sarbat or can say something like aam panna (a sweet and tangy mango drink).. Then we made some tangy spicy Mango chutny and a jar of Mango Pickle….give a look.

🍹Kaccha aam sarbat. Its a delightful, natural coolant prepared with green mango pulp, sugar, spices, and mint leaves.  …….We took 4-5 small mangos and peel them.. Then cut into small pieces and removed the seeds.. Put them into a pressure cooker and cook over medium heat for 2 – 3 whistle along with water. Allow the mango pulp to cool. Then add sugar and spices : 1 table spoon black salt, half table spoon black pepper powder, half table spoon roasted jeera or cumin seeds (powdered) , few mint leaves and add table salt to test. Then put the mixture into the grinder and Blend together until smooth..

And your thunder drink is ready to served …

Take 3-4 spoon of this concentrate in a glass and add cubes of ice and water…

 This Mango sarbat concentrate is easy to store and has a long shelf in refrigerator…


Hot creamy sauce Pasta with Chilled Indian kesar-pista Kulfi…. 🍲🍸

Till 22nd March 2020,I was entirely busy with my job.. Treating patients in hospital.. starting at 8am till 5pm and then in a clinic till 8pm… and reached home by 9 O’clock at night…. A 13-14 hours busy schedule.. Busy means sometime I even forget what I had in my lunch…Yes… I’m a Physical Therapist by profession.

….suddenly 🦇virus Corona hits the globe and decrease the 🚷accelerator of all busy schedules..even stoped. And then I recall that my foremost hobby is to cook.… 🔪🥄🍴🥗….

A simple breakfast.. A plate of pasta with creamy sauce and it will be more delicious when wify add her chilled glass of Kulfi… So look at these..

Pasta with creamy sauce and a glass of chilled Kulfi.

Let’s prepare…. 🥙🍸🔪

Preparation for creamy sauce🍯 …Ingredients for 2 people : 1 cup milk. 2 small spoon of butter. 1 Table spoon Flour (Maida) . 1slice of cheese or 2 table spoon of cheese spread. 1 medium size Onion (cut in 2 pieces) . 1 Bay leave. 2 Cloves. 2 Black pepper (crushed). 2 pinch of Herbs and Oregano. Less then a pinch of red chilli flakes.

Creamy sauce..

Method :Heat 2 spoons of butter in a frying pan in low flame and add flour(maida) , stir for 1 minute and then add a cup of milk…mix it well. Then add cut pieces of onion, bay leaf and 2 cloves cook for next 2-3 minutes and then remove the cloves,onions and bay leaf from the pan. Then add cheese with the milk and mix it well…add a pinch of salt, herbs and oregano and once the mixture seems to be slightly thicken (like paste) then pour them into a glass bowl and sprinkle with crushed black pepper and flakes of red chilli. ..and garnish with fresh mint leaves.

Preparation for the pasta🥘…And it’s Ingredients : 250gm of pasta. 1 small size Capsicum. (chopped) 1 medium size Onion. (chopped) 1 small or half of Carrot. (chopped) 1 small Tomato. (chopped) 2 cloves of Garlic. (chopped) 1 Lemon small. 2 table spoons of Soy sauce. 2 spoon Mustard oil ( or can use any edible oil). Few chrused Black pepper and Salt and chilli flakes to taste.

Method:First boil your pasta till soft, don’t over cooked it and keep them a side and add few drops of butter or oil to avoid stickiness. Heat 2 spoons of mustard oil in the medium flame (you can use any of your favorite edible oil available in your kitchen)… add all chopped vegetables, stir fry for 3 minutes and add 2 spoon of dark soy sauce. Then add your pasta, salt and chilli flakes together… Stir for next 5 minutes and stop the flame and then squeeze half of lemon and mix well. Serve in a plate and sprinkle with black pepper flakes…

Now Preparation for the Kesar-Pista Kulfi 🍸… And it’s Ingredients : 300 ml. Full cream milk. 4 slices of white bread ( cut the sides) 1/2 cup sugar. 3 spoons of milk solid. 3-4 sticks of Kesar. 5-6 green pista. Powder of 3 small cardamon seeds. 4-5 Cashews.

Kesar-Pista kulfi

Method: First boil 300 ml milk (Divide into 1 and 1/2 cups) and add Kesar sticks into half cup of milk and left them aside to cool down.. Now take cardamon powder, 5 cashews, 1 Pista and 1/2 cup of sugar in a grinder and grind them,then add bread pieces, 1 cup of milk into the same grinder and grind it again…….and add rest half cup of milk( Kesar added), milk solid with above mixture in the same grinder and mix it with.. ( Note : Do not grind too much, just mixing)…. It’s ready now😃… Take your favorite glass or you can take Matka ( clay earthen pot) and pour the mixture into it and closed the pot or glass with an aluminum foil paper and keep it into the freezer for at least 7-8 hours. ***note*** The Kulfi must be prepare 7-8 hours before serving *** Or you can prepare it one day before.. (it’s wify’s recipe.. She is Joyashree)

…This is my first food blogs with recipes… Please guide me if anything wrong I am doing… Thanks. 🍲🍸😉

Picking from the garden is like a dream now… 🍅

There’s nothing like the real flavor of fresh vegetables that’s directly from your own garden.

….picking fresh, shiny and smooth tomatoes or any vegetable or fruits from your garden is just like a dream for the people leaving in cities and of course me too… But I remember my childhood days, when Maa (Mom) usually asked me to pick some fresh green chilies or mint leaves or home grown tomatoes, brinjals etc.. from our small garden, Papa’s hobbies to planting or cultivating different vegetables.. fruits.. gave us those golden chances to enjoy such fresh and home grown garden items…

Maa (Mother) is living in our heart now, she looking us from the heaven and Papa continue with his hobby even after retirement, trying to do experimenting with new things related to gardening or cultivating.. Sometime he share some pictures of his beautiful works… And I would like to share some pictures with you all… Thank you….

Hand picked Tomatoes..
Bottle gourd…
Hand picked veggies…
Papa… Man behind these fresh vegetables..

kaZi nemu…


I choose ‘kazi nemu’ as my site name. Kazi nemu also called Assam lemon is very famous citrus fruit in northeast India. This aromatic lemon is mainly cultivated in Assam. It is one of the important part of lunch & dinner plate for the people of Assam. In fact our lunch and dinner will be incomplete without this.

Kazi nemu

….its just like a blessing in summer…

…Cut a big piece of Kazi nemu, squeeze in a glass and add 2 pinch of black salt,1 table spoon of sugar and iced water….aaahhaaa.. A perfect refreshing drink ……

I am a beginner and trying to start something new with all your support and blessings…

with love raZdeep. 😊