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Picking from the garden is like a dream now… 🍅

There’s nothing like the real flavor of fresh vegetables that’s directly from your own garden.

….picking fresh, shiny and smooth tomatoes or any vegetable or fruits from your garden is just like a dream for the people leaving in cities and of course me too… But I remember my childhood days, when Maa (Mom) usually asked me to pick some fresh green chilies or mint leaves or home grown tomatoes, brinjals etc.. from our small garden, Papa’s hobbies to planting or cultivating different vegetables.. fruits.. gave us those golden chances to enjoy such fresh and home grown garden items…

Maa (Mother) is living in our heart now, she looking us from the heaven and Papa continue with his hobby even after retirement, trying to do experimenting with new things related to gardening or cultivating.. Sometime he share some pictures of his beautiful works… And I would like to share some pictures with you all… Thank you….

Hand picked Tomatoes..
Bottle gourd…
Hand picked veggies…
Papa… Man behind these fresh vegetables..

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